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All-on-4® Dental Implants in Tustin, CA

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All-on-4 dental implants, manufactured by Nobel Biocare™, offer a comprehensive way to secure dentures to get a full-arch restoration. This treatment works by placing the screws (dental implants) into four spots on the upper and/or lower arch. Compared to other implant dentures, All-on-4 utilizes fewer implants to get a more secure fit. Our expert dental team suggests All-on-4 implants for those wanting a completely restored smile without the hassle and dietary restrictions of removable dentures. We can give you a whole new smile in one day. This full-scale, modern method of dental implants gives you a brand-new smile in the shortest amount of time. Our exclusive procedure allows our patients to have extractions, implant surgery, and a permanent set of teeth in just 24 hours. Several Tustin, CA patients have enjoyed the benefits of the new All-on-4 treatment, enjoying quality results. If you're interested in discovering more about All-on-4 and custom-made dentures, we welcome you to make a consultation at Global Implant Dentistry.

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There are several benefits to All-on-4 dental implants at Global Implant Dentistry in Tustin, CA, including:

  • Long-lasting results
  • Improved oral function
  • Enhanced oral health
  • Aesthetic results
  • Quick and effective treatments
  • Customized procedure plans

All-on-4 implants may be used to substitute the lower and/or upper arches together with dental implants attached to custom-made dentures. You could be an ideal candidate for All-on-4 implant dentures in the event you prefer the advantages of implant-supported dentures compared to removable dentures, which include few or no diet restrictions, no sticky adhesives, without any special cleaning. You'll have to have sufficient gum and bone density to get implants, as the screws rely upon your bone and gums to maintain them in position. If necessary, bone and/or gum grafts may be required before implant surgery. Dr. Joshi can determine whether this process is good for you in your consultation and will help discuss all of your choices.

Your All-on-4 treatment begins with impressions and digital mapping of your teeth using our sophisticated technology. Our dedicated team of oral surgeons, dentists, lab technicians, and support staff will develop your unique treatment program and discuss your options for sedation throughout your procedures. First, you will be comfortably sedated in one of our surgical suites. Our oral surgeons will typically place four implants per arch in strategic strength points in your mouth; however, they may choose to place additional implants, if necessary, to achieve optimal results. Once your surgery is complete, you will go home to rest while our technicians make your permanent teeth in our in-house dental lab.

The next day, you will sit back in the chair and receive your permanent new smile. We will secure your new permanent teeth to the implants and perform a few bite tests before making any adjustments needed to ensure a perfect bite and a comfortable feel. After final adjustments, you only need a little time to heal to enjoy your amazing new smile.

From the moment you walk into Global Implant Dentistry, you can feel it is a family atmosphere. All of my fears, worries and apprehensions about having a major dental procedure were put at ease after meeting with Dr Joshi. He clearly and patiently explained every aspect about the All On Four procedure and after having a thorough exam we both decided it was the right procedure for me. All of the staff at the office are exceptional. Lilly at the front desk greeted me and my family at each appointment and she coordinated with other staff to make sure I was always seen on time. She also communicated with my wife the day before the procedure, the day of surgery, and the following week. The techs and the lab director were also phenomenal. Their patient care was evident in how they treated me with respect and they valued my opinions. This was a life changing procedure and the whole team at Global Implant Dentistry came alongside with me to create a set of dental implants that look absolutely natural and beautiful.

R.G. Google

My experience with global dentistry was very good. I was seeing other potential surgeons to do the all on four and when I arrived at global I felt I was treated with compassion and sensitivity l. I was very self conscious about my condition with my teeth and mouth and they made me feel like they cared about me not just out to make money. The doctor took tike time to explain the whole process at each step so I knew all of what is involved. I then Made my decision to have my procedure done here at global and I was taken care of the whole time. From the time I woke up they gave me water and some protein shake while all the work gets done. And now 2 months post surgery my condition and health of my mouth has changed and my new teeth look great and all family and friends are so impressed with the result. I had prayed for so long for some help and dreamed to get new teeth and I I believe I was steered toward global dentistry to fulfill my needs.....🙏🏻🙏🏻

C.P. Google

I saw their reviews online so I called and I spoke with Jamal right away I got a very comfortable feeling with him he was extremely knowledgeable over the phone. I went in and had to have two teeth extracted they did an awesome job at a very good price. They are extremely friendly all of them very professional and they did make me feel really comfortable and confident in them so much so that I’m going back in June and having the all on 4 procedure done… I unfortunately wasn’t trusting anyone after the poor dentistry I had before I went to global implant dentistry Tustin and after what they’ve already done for me I will not trust anybody but them to do the ALL on 4 procedure 😊😊

J.F. Google

I got the all on four procedure done, there was no pain and I feel great. I taste food better than before. And can chew better as well!! The doctors are very good and knowledgeable. The staff is very friendly and caring. I’m so glad I picked this office. I would recommend this office to everyone.

S.K. Google

I don't think words alone can express the feelings that you have upon completing an all on four procedure at Global implant dentistry. It would be hard pressed to be able to find another facility that could put your mind at ease and give you the tools necessary to pursue this endeavor, I know that it is a huge decision. I personally am so thankful that the cosmos aligned and led me to this superior dental practice, everything about my experience here was absolutely stellar. I encourage anyone suffering and on the fence about investing in a new start to give these people a chance, you will receive top notch care in a pristine environment, these people exude kindness and compassion and really understand what you are going through. It's a big investment and a lot to wrap your head around, I know..I get it. But if it is at all feasible to you personally and your at that point.. You should absolutely pick up the phone and see what these kind folks can do for you. Best of wishes and accolades to the entire team involved at this amazing operation I give you all my gratitude.

E.B. Google


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All-on-4 makes it possible to have natural-looking and functional implants that can last a lifetime with good oral hygiene, six-month checkups, and regular professional cleanings at Global Implant Dentistry. Our dental experts will clarify the benefits of All-on-4 and help you decide if you're a candidate. Contact Global Implant Dentistry in Tustin, CA for an All-on-4 consultation.

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Does it hurt to get All-on-4 dental implants?
No, most patients do not find it painful to get All-on-4 dental implants. While it may sound a bit scary to have implants placed in your jaw, you will not have any discomfort as powerful anesthetics will be used to ensure your comfort by completely numbing your jaw and the entire treatment area. There may be some soreness or swelling for a few days after the procedure, but that is completely normal and can be controlled with over-the-counter pain medications. More robust pain relievers may be subscribed if needed to ensure your comfort.
How long do All-on-4 dental implants take?
At your consultation, we will perform diagnostic imaging and an examination. Generally, the All-on-4 implant procedure can be completed within one office visit. Once completed, you can proudly show off your beautiful new teeth and radiant smile.
Will a bone graft be necessary?
Most patients do not require a bone graft during this procedure. With other dental implant procedures, lengthy bone-grafting procedures may be necessary for those lacking jawbone density. However, with the innovative techniques used in the All-on-4 implants, most patients will not need a bone graft.
*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.