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Zygomatic Implants in Tustin, CA

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Zygomatic implants are a new advancement in dental implant technology. These implants can be a viable option for patients who lack the bone mass needed to receive traditional dental implants or bone grafting. Our restorative implant team at Global Implant Dentistry can create a nonremovable appliance that attaches to the zygoma (or cheekbone) to provide long-lasting results and function. These implants anchor to the zygomatic bones, instead of the maxillary bones, for reliable support since the cheekbones won't lose bone mass due to oral issues, like missing teeth or periodontal disease. Contact our dental specialists at our Tustin, CA office today to set up a consultation to see if this treatment is your ideal solution.

Patients who have poor bone quality, moderate to advanced bone loss in the upper jaw, or do not have enough bone mass to support dental implants may benefit from zygomatic dental implants. Our dental team will surgically place this nonremovable dental implant appliance using long implant screws anchored at an angle into the cheekbones where the bone density makes it strong enough to immediately support the implants. This advanced implant technology allows patients to walk out the door with a fully functional set of teeth without waiting for implants to heal. The procedure requires very little recovery time. We offer several sedative options, like nitrous oxide or intravenous sedation, to help increase your comfort, diminish stress, and encourage a positive experience. Ask our team about these sedation solutions during your consultation.

These long-lasting implants are more cost effective than traditional dental implants. Contact our dental team to set up your consultation at our Tustin, CA office today.

From the moment you walk into Global Implant Dentistry, you can feel it is a family atmosphere. All of my fears, worries and apprehensions about having a major dental procedure were put at ease after meeting with Dr Joshi. He clearly and patiently explained every aspect about the All On Four procedure and after having a thorough exam we both decided it was the right procedure for me. All of the staff at the office are exceptional. Lilly at the front desk greeted me and my family at each appointment and she coordinated with other staff to make sure I was always seen on time. She also communicated with my wife the day before the procedure, the day of surgery, and the following week. The techs and the lab director were also phenomenal. Their patient care was evident in how they treated me with respect and they valued my opinions. This was a life changing procedure and the whole team at Global Implant Dentistry came alongside with me to create a set of dental implants that look absolutely natural and beautiful.

R.G. Google

Over the last 6 months, I have visited 7 top rated implant specialist, orthodontics, endodontics and Cosmetic dentist in San Diego, Beverly Hills, Westwood and Temecula. In all honesty, I was unable to find the right dentist I could trust. Either the staff was unfriendly, office was not sanitary or the dentist thought my mouth was a ATM machine to cover their office and staff overhead by making recommendations that were not I’m my best interest. GLOBAL IMPLANT DENTISTRY IS THE BEST IN EVERY CATEGORY. I came home and told my wife because she needs 3 implants, but was waiting for me to find the right dental practice I was very impressed with the entire operation .

B.T. Google

Global Implants is a gift from God, Im 68 yrs young I fell face first into a rock planter, broke my nose chin, and pushed my teeth up into my gums, I didnt know they were broken from roots until my teeth started fallying out in piieces, take it i had all my teethno cavitys, i went to a different businrss scd... They took a long time for nothing God sent mr to Global from the second i entered, they were like family no better than family and ion July 9 im starting to have my smile back Thank you GLOBAL IMPLAMTS, I OWE YOU MY LIFE THERESA ROAN, FULLERTON, CALI

T.R. Google

Thank you Global Implant Dentistry. I came in for a few dental implants with lots of anxiety regarding the process. I was super surprised how welcoming this practice is and how supportive they are. I spoke with Jarett over the phone to book my appt and then when I came in, Lilly (office manager) was super calming and supportive, thank you so much, she walked me through the whole implant process. I then spoke with Dr Joshi who gave me his recommendations. What I really loved about Global Implant Dentistry was how experienced and relaxed Dr. Joshi was; it seemed like he had been placing implants forever. No question was too much, he described everything in detail and walked me through the building so i could see how clean and modern everything was. 5 stars! Highly recommend Dr Joshi for all your dental implants! Thank you soooo much!

J.K. Google

There truly a blessing From the moment you walk in all staff So kind and caring. I highly recommend them to any and everyone who is looking for dental implants .simply an answrd prayer!!!tyjesus!!

R.O. Google


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With advanced oral surgeries, your oral health can be restored to give you a healthy, beautiful smile. Zygomatic implants are a modern alternative to traditional dental implants, offering patients with bone loss in the upper jaw an opportunity to have a fully functional set of teeth. For proven and effective oral surgery, schedule an appointment with our team at our Tustin, CA today.

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Who is a good candidate for zygomatic implants?

Zygomatic implants are typically recommended for patients with significant or severe bone loss in the upper jaw, especially in cases where traditional dental implants cannot be placed due to a lack of structurally sound bone material. Good candidates for zygomatic implants may also include those patients who have experienced extensive jawbone resorption due to long-term denture use, trauma, or medical conditions affecting the bone density in the upper jaw.

What is the process of getting zygomatic implants?

Zygomatic implants are surgically placed with the patient kept comfortable using some form of anesthesia or sedation. A small incision is made in the gum tissue near the cheekbone, and the  zygomatic implant is carefully inserted into the zygomatic bone. Once in place, the implants are attached to artificial restorations, like dentures, providing stability and support.

How long do zygomatic implants last?

Zygomatic implants are designed to be a long-term solution. While the lifespan of zygomatic implants can vary depending on individual patient factors, oral and dental hygiene, and other variables, they are generally expected to last for many years or even decades. With proper oral hygiene, regular dental visits, and good at-home maintenance, zygomatic implants can provide durable and reliable support for dental restorations.

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