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Whether you have periodontal disease, missing, or broken teeth, we have helped thousands of patients with the same issue regain their smile, confidence and ability to eat all of their favourite foods.

Eat The Foods You Love And Miss.

You don’t know how much you miss something until it’s gone, and we are talking about food. Missing and broken teeth prevent patients from eating their favourite foods. Our All-on-4 procedure will have you eating the foods you love in no time!

Precise Fit That Lets You Speak Naturally.

We have the latest 3D Digital Scanners and Milling Equipment to ensure a perfect custom fit to promote natural speech as well as a smile you’ll love.

Save Time And Money By Avoiding Excessive Appointments.

We believe getting permanent new teeth should be quick and painless. We give you your perfect smile in 24 hours instead of temporary teeth that require multiple visits over months. We value your time and save you money.

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  1. You get your dental implants placed on surgery day.
  2. We take a picture with the coolest camera ever, precisely mapping your entire mouth including where the implants were placed.
  3. You go home and rest overnight (instead of spending up to 4 extra hours groggy in the chair).
  4. Our revolutionary 24 hour lab operation begins and creates your permanent set of teeth overnight (this is where the innovation kicks in).
  5. You come back the next day and we attach your precision made custom permanent teeth to your implants and you walk out of the office with Beautiful Permanent Teeth in just 24 Hrs!

Periodontal Disease

Missing Teeth

Substance Use Disorder

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