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Discover our patients’ genuine experiences and the transformative power of our implant dentistry. From “amazing experiences” to “excellent service” and “5-star reviews,” our tailored treatments and advanced technology have helped many achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional care and personalized solutions, transforming countless lives.

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Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson
Awesome amazing experience great people can't wait to see the finished product 😀 😊 👍 Process complete love my smile 😃 thank you thank you thank you 😊 🙏
Tracey Jensen
Tracey Jensen
Excellent experience! Sanella has helped us through every step of the way and went above and beyond to help with financing! We had excellent results and grateful for everything!
Yunhui Liu
Yunhui Liu
I like dr joshi and all the staffs there. They are very nice and friendly, after I compared several places, I decided to get my Invisalign here.
Raj Idnani
Raj Idnani
Dr. Joshi and Dr. Tanaka were great.
Lani Tran
Lani Tran
Excellent service👍
Jever Mendoza
Jever Mendoza
We are very happy with the service! So thankful for Francis and her customer service. Thank you for helping me in my dental journey ❤️
Maria Palencia
Maria Palencia
I want to start off by thanking everyone at global implant. Definitely a 5 star worthy review! My whole experience there has been amazing. I am so thankful for Dr. Yoshi. He is educating, helpful and professional. He was extremely thorough and informative on my options. I could have gone a very different route but he listened to me as a patient. He was very caring about my concerns and all questions because in my case I am considered very young for this type of procedure but he understood my pain and all the trouble I had gone through with many other dentists. He truly cares for his patient and is not in this business for the money as many dentists usually make you feel. With global implant I found what was finally looking for, no more pain and gained confidence. I’m now no longer embarrassed to smile or talk! I am so glad my sister helped me find such an amazing team. Every single person in the office made this process so smooth, from beginning to the end. I have never received such an amazing experience from a dental office. This was definitely a life changing experience for me in so many ways. Everyone in the office played a huge part in my process and I am thankful for everyone. I was taken care of before and after the surgery, everyone would check in on me after the surgery to make sure I was comfortable at all times. Sanela, was there for me since the initial phone call. She is beyond amazing, and once I got to meet her she is such a genuine and kind hearted person. She was there to help explain the process the financial portion and was very honest. Global is extremely lucky to have a person who actually cares for the patients! Francis is also so helpful and amazing! She is on top of her calls and answered all my questions after and before the surgery! She definitely made me feel comfortable and not all bothered by all my calls. I can’t thank her enough. Both Francis and Sanela always made me and my sister feel so comfortable, it felt as if we all knew each other. Maricela is so patient and caring! She was made sure I was comfortable after the surgery. Victor, he is also amazing! He is so caring and gentle. He made me feel so comfortable and was there for me every step of the way. He made this experience so much better. He was constantly checking on me and making sure I was doing good. Dr. Kapoor is literally the best! She’s so sweet and caring. She is definitely there for her patients. I felt so comfortable being under her care. Dr. Montgomery is such an amazing anesthesiologist. She is beyond caring! She made me feel comfortable knowing that while I was going to be under I would be in great hands. She made sure to check in with me the night of the surgery. I can genuinely say every staff there is so knowledgeable and caring. They actually love what they do and it definitely shows. I have so much more to say but I will definitely recommend this place to everyone. This all has changed my life for the better. I am extremely happy with my results!
daisy carrillo
daisy carrillo
My experience is a little different because it was my sister that got her new smile at Global. But I would like to share how happy I am for her and how happy I am that I found this place. I have been to many dentist appts with my sister and always left disappointed because they didn't do the right treatment or they left her in pain. My sister was always insecure of her smile and that made it difficult because we are always together and she never wanted people to see her. Global really loves their customers and they treat you like family. My sister looks even more beautiful now especially that she is beaming with happiness. Global did an AMAZING job! The process was smooth and I could see my sister was very comfortable. They even attended to me and made sure I was okay while waiting. The team is the best and big shout out to Sanela and Francis, I spent most of my time with them and they always made me feel welcomed and always reassured me my sister was doing great. I am truly happy and excited for her and I can never thank Global enough, they gave me my best friend back and now I get to see my sister glowing with this life changing experience. Sanela for president! We love her! Thank you again to the whole team, this would have not been possible without each and everyone of you. You guys are amazing at your jobs and I can say this is the place to go if you ever need help with your smile. You won't regret it. They are passionate, caring, attentive and always want the best for you. Forever grateful for what they did for my sister.

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True Blessing

They're truly a blessing. From the moment you walk in, all the staff are so kind and caring. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone who is looking for dental implants. Simply an answered prayer! Thank you, Jesus!

Zygomatic Patient

Perfect Experience

Great team. Comfortable setting. Convenient location. Advanced in-house technology. Quick and easy initial sign-in. First impression: 10/10. Left the consultation much more knowledgeable than when I arrived.


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Our advanced tools, including a 24-hour lab, photogrammetry capabilities, and CT scanner, ensure efficient and state-of-the-art dental care, enhancing both effectiveness and comfort.

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Enjoy immediate implant placement post-extraction with our streamlined procedures. Minimized downtime and improved dental health are the results of our hassle-free approach.

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Our dedicated team of lab technicians and dental experts is committed to prompt and precise care, delivering beautiful results with top-notch precision.

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At Global Implant Dentistry, we see a smile as more than aesthetics—it reflects your health and happiness. As leaders in dental innovation, we offer groundbreaking implants that transform aspirations into realities. Our ‘Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours’ method redefines fast, lasting dental transformations. Experience top precision, speed, and personalized care. Embrace the future of dental wellness and smile with confidence.


Day1: Appointment Day

We take pictures of your mouth. You can pick the shade and shape of the teeth and our expert lab technicians will start planning and designing your teeth.

Day 2: Surgery Day

On your surgery day, we'll precisely place your implants, initiate your custom teeth design, and then you can comfortably recover at home.

Day 3: Delivery Day

You will arrive on this day to have your permanent teeth delivered. We will do some minor adjustments to your bite just to make sure everything looks perfect.

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