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Explore our innovative implant dentistry practice in Tustin, CA. With a 24-hour lab and advanced technology, we provide efficient dental care, even offering immediate implant placement after extraction. Your satisfaction is at the heart of every detail in our facility. Experience excellence in restorative dentistry today.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Our advanced tools, including a 24-hour lab, photogrammetry capabilities, and CT scanner, ensure efficient and state-of-the-art dental care, enhancing both effectiveness and comfort.

Swift Implant Placement

Enjoy immediate implant placement post-extraction with our streamlined procedures. Minimized downtime and improved dental health are the results of our hassle-free approach.

Skilled Professionals

Our dedicated team of lab technicians and dental experts is committed to prompt and precise care, delivering beautiful results with top-notch precision.

Patient-Centered Care

Your satisfaction is our priority. Every aspect of your restorative dental experience and facility design is tailored for your ultimate comfort and convenience. Join us for a truly exceptional dental journey.

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From Consultation to New Smile Just in 24 Hours

At Global Implant Dentistry, we see a smile as more than aesthetics—it reflects your health and happiness. As leaders in dental innovation, we offer groundbreaking implants that transform aspirations into realities. Our ‘Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours’ method redefines fast, lasting dental transformations. Experience top precision, speed, and personalized care. Embrace the future of dental wellness and smile with confidence.


Day1: Appointment Day

We take pictures of your mouth. You can pick the shade and shape of the teeth and our expert lab technicians will start planning and designing your teeth.

Day 2: Surgery Day

On your surgery day, we'll precisely place your implants, initiate your custom teeth design, and then you can comfortably recover at home.

Day 3: Delivery Day

You will arrive on this day to have your permanent teeth delivered. We will do some minor adjustments to your bite just to make sure everything looks perfect.

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About Us